Rangers Team


Animation Friends 4 Nature

A club for true nature-lovers. With this club you’ll experience cool activities with nature as its central theme.

Meaning that you might join the ‘Heroes of Lauwersoog’ on the hunt for plastic in nature. Plastic in the woods, plastic that washes up at the coast or other places in nature were it does not belong. The plastic that is found will be used the next day to create some true art.

Collecting buttons and bracelets
If you join the Friends 4 Nature club you’ll get a bracelet so you can show to others that you are a true clubmember! Also, you’ll be able to collect some very cool buttons that will allow you to show how great you’ve been towards helping nature.  

Otto and Ivo
The Friends 4 Nature club has two awesome ambassadors. Otto the otter and Ivo the Kingsfisher. They’ll take the kids on silent stories at the end of the day. With the use of headphones the kids will be able to actively join these interactive stories.

Of you pay close attention you might spot Otto and Ivo regularly?!

During the ‘experiences’ the kids are transformed into real-life bird-watchers or they might do some experiments with sweet and salt water. During ‘Active Lauwersoog’ the kids can let loose of all their energy in nature with mud-sliding or some archery. Kids over the age of 12 can go mountain biking or use a GoPro camera to report for the Heroes of Lauwersoog.