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In the central building (where Het Booze Wijf and the Ranger clubhouse are also located) is a big open playground of 300 m3. This indoor playground is open all year round for the guests of our park and restaurant Het Booze Wijf.

Perfect for kids…
The bigindoorplayground has been fully renovated at the start of 2019 and is more colourful and fun than ever! The big indoor playground consists of several elements making it perfect for both the youngest as also the older kids.

Different routes can be taken through the playground with loads of climbing and crawling. The playground has two stories and is filled with obstacles, climbable objects and a slide.

In the middle is a big open playground with giant Lego blocks for creative builds. There is also a ball pit present in the playground.
Loads of possibilities for each kid to tire itself out.

… and also for the parents
We’ve also thought about the parents or guardians. There are several seats and tables where you can take place if you want keep an eye out. It’s also possible to bring food or drinks from the restaurant.

There are camera’s placed allowing us to keep track on the playground.

Not allowed
It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks. The indoor playground also doesn’t allow for dogs or other animals. The playground is meant for guests of either our park or our restaurant.

All to yourself
It is also possible to rent out the playground for (children)parties. Contact us to inquire about the possibilities.