Het Booze Wijf

Restaurant Het Booze Wijf

Restaurant het Booze Wijf 

Open every day from 11.00 AM


To make a table reservation please contact restaurant het Booze Wijf

Phone number: +31 (0)519 - 34 90 45

For other questions, please contact the restaurant manager Siegrid Swijghuisen:

Phone: +31 (0)519 - 34 91 33

Restaurant Het Booze Wijf is located at the shore of the Lauwersmeer. The restaurant is the heart of Lauwersoog where everyone comes together, people from the neighbourhood, tourists and camping guests. The restaurant has a nautical theme, a cozy feel and a large terrace with a great view over the both the Lauwersmeer lake and museum harbour. If u want you can moor in the harbour and spend the night on your own ship or stay in one of our accommodations.  

We’re proud of our restaurant, our products and all other services we provide. We work with a carefully selected range of fair products that originate from our very own Wadden region. We also offer a variety of fun experiences for our smallest guests. Kids love to play in our water themed playground, on the beach located next to the terrace or in the indoor playground on our attic. Click on one of the blocks below to learn more about our restaurant, our products and other services.  

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About our Products

Everything you want to know about the origins of our ingredients and products

About our Products

About the Playgrounds

Learn more about the educational waterplayground and the indoor attic playground.

About the Playgrounds

Dogs are welcome!

Your loyal canine friend is more than welcome at Het Booze Wijf! We keep a water tray ready so he/she can also have a drink at our restaurant. 
However, we do require you to keep your dog on a leash and near your table. We also expect that any 'accidents' are cleaned up. This to make sure other guests experience no inconvience.  

The name 'Het Booze Wijf' (The Angry Vixen)

Where two tides of the Lauwerssea and the Waddensea used to meet, southwest of Brakzand, was a trench of 15 to 20 meters deep. A turbulent strech of water known as Het Booze Wijf (The Angry Vixen). Sailors often used feminine names for dangerous area's. On the map hanging near the entrance you can find the name 'Het Booze Wijf'.