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Discover the power of water

Outdoor (water) speeltuin

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Directly besides the terrace of restaurant Het Booze Wijf is a big open playground with a water theme. It allows kids to, while playing, learn the power of water. A place to let your fantasy run wild and were you can discharge all you energy. From the terrace you’ll have an excellent view over this playground allowing you keep an eye on your kids.

Playfully learning from water
The water playground offers a large diversity of playground equipment. There is an ‘dredging-table’ were kids can dig and transport sand. There is a site with a ‘construction table’ were kids can build structures with sand and mid. There is a big speedboat and a big play fish. The playground also offers loads of climbable, slidable and swingable equipment.

The playground is designed in a way that kids learn about the forces and power of water. They’ll learn how water-based systems work and how they can make these systems, in collaboration with other kids, work together.

There is more…
There are a lot of other options to play at Beleef Lauwersoog. You’ll find a big bouncy cushion in the water playground and a big look-out tower with a panoramic view over National Park Lauwersmeer and the lake. Even the small beach located near the playground is a popular place for kids to play with the sand and build sandcastles. The possibilities to play are plenty, enough to make each kid sleep like a rose at night.

Scattered across the rest of the park are smaller playground. We strive to place a new playground each year to make sure there are always new experiences to discover for the kids.